Baby's First Plane Ride

Baby's First Plane Ride

Baby's First Plane Ride


Flying with an infant for the frist time is a milestone moment for any new parent. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous and stressed about it, but you can calm your jitters by being prepared. Try these tips, courtesy of parents and caregivers who have been there. 

Photo courtesy from IG: @ubysotelo; Trip with mom and little one to San Francisco, California

1)  Seat Selection

a.    Ask for an aisle seat so you can easily walk around with your baby. Request an empty seat beside you, if possible. If the check-in desk says no, it can’t hurt to also ask a flight attendant once on the plane. 

2)  Essential Items

a.    Along with the usual necessities, pack an extra outfit for yourself in case of a diaper blowout. Also consider bringing a baby carrier, so you can be hands-free if baby wants to sleep on you. 

a.   Cooler bag. Bring a cooler bag that is large enough to hold a bottle and a couple of baby food meals and snacks. Don’t forget your ice pack!

3)  Snacks On The Go

a.    You can’t beat the convenience of packaged baby meals when you’re on the go and the babies are hungry, but like most things in life, some are better than others. A variety of Born Bright baby meals are the perfect travel meals to bring on the plane. Simply store them in a cooler bag with ice packs and allow to thaw as you board the plane, and your hungry baby problem is solved!

b. Don’t rely on the baby food the airline gives you – as sometimes they only consist of apple sauce and apple juice, that could be high in sugar.

4)  Boarding Time

a.    Depending on your baby’s mood, you can choose to board later or earlier. Families with small children are always invited to board first, but consider waiting so that you are not trapped on the plane with a squirmy or fussy baby. Some families find it easier to board first to get themselves and baby settled.

Tips and advice are adapted from: The Perfect Hideaway blog