How are Born Bright baby meals different from homemade meals?

Our In-House Dietitian has created our baby meals to ensure that they are not only tasty, but are packed with nutrients your baby needs for a healthy development. We also showcase more veggies than fruits, so that babies can appreciate and embrace vegetables with open arms!

How much is Born Bright?

Depending on what you select. You can order once or select meal subscriptions.

Born Bright Meals range from $4.50 - $5.50 depending on recipes and texture. We reflect seasonal pricing as we use local fresh ingredients.

Our monthly subscription meal plans range from $71.99 for our little tummy meal plan to $134.99 for our hungry tummy meal plan. Due to growing demand, we now offer our Picky Eater’s Guide to Adventure for $174.99 including a 45 minute phone consult with our in-house dietitian to guide you and your little one to a fun and positive mealtime experience.

You can cancel or change the frequency of your meals at any time. Simply adjust through your account before the order cut off Monday 11:59 PT for Saturday/Sunday delivery.

What’s Inside a Born Bright Box?

In a delivery, you will receive an insulated box with ice pack, your selected number of baby meals, a packing list, and an “Intro to Solids 101” sheet. We also like to send our lovely members little surprises from time to time.

Are the Ingredients Organic?

All of our baby food ingredients are sourced from organic producers*. What’s even better is that we try to source as many of our ingredients from local organic farms in BC - how great is that! We love supporting local producers and businesses. Our organic ingredients are then flash frozen to ensure the nutrients are locked in and ready to nourish your tiny human.

*note that certain spices or herbs are difficult to source organic and that we try our best to utilize organic when available. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

How are you different from the baby jars and pouches from the grocery stores?

Our meals highlight fresh and local ingredients with unique flavours using hints of herbs and spices. Our meals are not heat-treated like other baby food in the grocery stores. They are flash frozen to ensure peak nutrition and safety during transit. This means that nutrients like phytophenols and antioxidants are protected to ensure your baby gets the maximum nutrition in every bite! You can tell the difference just by comparing colors!

Is your packaging reusable and recyclable?

YES. Our plastic containers are reusable and recyclable. We encourage you to reuse them as containers for spices, sauces — even using them for your kid’s play dough! Our supplier also carries a recycling initiative called “Earth friendly” initiative to help protect the environment. Contact us if you’d like to return your containers at the next delivery. We currently can’t take back containers if you are outside of the city of Vancouver.

My baby doesn’t seem to like the food at first, what do I do?

Don’t give up just because your baby makes a funny face! You will notice that your baby will squint, raise their upper lips or wrinkle their noses - this is normal as they are learning! Consider your baby to be training to become a veggie lover! We have an inborn dislike for bitter foods. It is very common for babies to try one food 8 to 10 times until they accept it. Just be patient and keep trying and you will see that your baby will start becoming more familiar with the different tastes.

What if my child has allergies?

We do not use peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, dairy, eggs, fish, meat, wheat and soy in our recipes, but cannot guarantee that our commercial food kitchen is completely free of potential allergens or cross contamination. We declare all our ingredients on the packing list. If your child has a known allergy, please obtain approval from a paediatrician prior to trying born bright baby meals. If you suspect that your child has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, contact your healthcare provider.

How many calories are in a Born Bright baby meal?

The calories range from 80 - 150 calories per 150 mL (container).

How much sugar is in your meals? Do you use any additives to keep your meals fresh?

We do not use any added sugar (or salt). The meals contain naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables. The content varies depending on the recipe. No preservatives. No additives. All pure love in each of the baby meals.

Who makes my Born Bright meals?

Our founder and In-House Dietitian Carla created the recipes and produce it in a commercial food kitchen. We had experts in the field of food safety and taste development help us fine tune our processes to create delicious homemade meals for your baby to enjoy at home.

How much should I feed my baby?

In the beginning, babies need to get used to the new taste and texture. This is why they will most likely stop after a few spoons. Over time, your baby will try more and more. Look for signs that your baby is satisfied and you will know when to stop. Your little one will:

  • not open the mouth any more or turn the head away.

  • spit out the food.

  • slow down the pace of feeding, start playing with food or get easily distracted.

  • throw the food on the floor or push it away.

Can I feed only half of my Born Bright meals and finish the rest later?

You can definitely feed a smaller portion but should not reheat meals. The best way to keep some of the food for later is to take out a portion from the container to consume right away, and leave the rest in the fridge. Once opened, you should finish the container within 24 hours.

How do I start introducing different foods?

Once your baby is ready, start with single ingredients, such as dark-green vegetables. You can either puree the food or give it as finger food, as long as it is smooth and easy to grasp. Give a small portion of the food to your baby. Your baby might be an adventurer and immediately want more or might be a bit surprised by the new taste and texture and stop after a bite or two.

It is best to continue with single ingredients over the next few weeks. You can alternate them every day or give one ingredient for three days in a row and then swap. It really depends on your own and your baby’s preferences.


Where do you deliver?

We now deliver all across British Columbia, Canada.

  • Pick up at our Test kitchen - 1245 Glen Dr. Vancouver is FREE

  • East Vancouver (East Van, Downtown, Olympic Village, Strathcona) is $5.00 CAD

  • North, West, South Vancouver is $8.00 CAD

  • Greater Vancouver (Richmond, Burnaby, Lougheed) is $10.00

  • Other Cities in British Columbia - $13.00

Other Canadian cities: Don’t fret! We are currently setting up pick-up zones all over BC. Send us an e-mail at to make it happen!

What is your minimum for delivery?

We require a minimum order of 14 baby meals to deliver or at least $63 total purchase to deliver.

What shipping service do you use?

Our deliveries locally are human powered by our lovely Born Bright team. We also work with our buddies at Shift Delivery, a local Vancouver courier company that is human and bike pedal powered - they’re that awesome! They take extra care of your Born Bright Box. We use other couriers like FedEx or UPS for cities further out.

What if I need to specify my delivery preferences?

Please fill in the delivery specifications at the check out section of your order. We’ll contact you if we need to clarify certain information.