16 Meals Product $88


16 Born Bright meals per box. A selection of healthy textures and purees perfect for your baby starting to learn textures. This is ideal for your little one that is learning structured meal plans, solid foods, flavours, and textures -- and you don’t have the time for homemade or prepping. We’ve got you covered! With this box you receive nutritious purees and always fresh and wholesome for your baby!

It’s the best way to save time in the kitchen while ensuring your baby continues to get the best quality nutritious meals!

With this meal plan you receive 16 meals per box. Billing is done based on your selected delivery frequency.

You will receive:

  • “Introducing Solids” information sheet

  • 16 blends or textured meals per box delivery 

  • FREE Delivery

  • Each baby container provides 2-3 servings, depending on your baby’s appetite

To Customize this or inquire about your delivery area, simply drop us an e-mail.


How are Born Bright baby meals different from homemade meals?

Our In-House Dietitian has created our baby meals to ensure that they are not only tasty, but are packed with nutrients your baby needs for a healthy development. We also showcase more veggies than fruits, so that babies can appreciate and embrace vegetables with open arms!

Our food is 100% organic, plant-based and free of the Big-8 allergens. We have carefully crafted these meals to suit your baby’s and toddler’s developmental milestones. 🌱


How do Born Bright meal plans work?

    • Select your meal plan and recipes based on your little one's feeding skills, appetite and preference. 💛
    • Orders are placed by 11:59PM PT Monday for upcoming weekend delivery. Depending on which day you place your order, your born bright box will be shipped within 5-7 business days. ✨
    • We use different delivery services and couriers. For local deliveries, you will receive your orders on Sunday from 10am - 6pm. For outside our local delivery zones, you will receive a separate email with tracking information once your order ships via FedEx or UPS. 
    • We also offer FREE pick-ups at our test kitchen in Vancouver on Wednesdays from 9-5pm. Simply enter FREEPICKUP code at checkout or send us an individual e-mail stating that you would like to pick up!


How much is Born Bright?

Depending on what you select. You can order once or select meal subscriptions.

Born Bright Meals range from $4.50 - $5.50 depending on selected meal plans. We also reflect seasonal pricing as we use local fresh ingredients.

Our monthly subscription meal plans range from $66.99 for our little tummy meal plan (12 meals) to $197.64 for our hungry tummy meal plan (36 meals). Due to growing demand, parents can now select the frequency of the deliveries every 1, 2, or 4 weeks to offer the flexiblity to busy parents.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely - there are no commitments! You can pause or change the frequency of your meals at any time. Simply adjust through your account before the order cut off Monday 11:59 PT for upcoming weekend delivery. If you'd like to cancel or make changes to your plan, please email us at hello@bornbrightfoods.com 😊


What’s Inside a Born Bright Box?

In a delivery, you will receive an insulated box with ice pack, your selected number of baby meals, a packing list, and an “Intro to Solids 101” sheet. We also like to send our lovely members little surprises from time to time.


Are the Ingredients Organic?

Our baby food ingredients are sourced from organic producers* and organic labels. We try to source most of our ingredients from local organic farms in BC. We love supporting local producers and businesses. Our organic ingredients are then flash frozen to ensure the nutrients are locked in and ready to nourish your tiny human.

*note that certain spices or herbs are difficult to source organic and that we try our best to utilize organic when available. Please contact us for more information regarding this.


How are you different from the baby jars and pouches from the grocery stores?

Our meals highlight fresh and local ingredients with unique flavours using hints of herbs and spices. Our meals are not heat-treated like other baby food in the grocery stores. They are flash frozen to ensure peak nutrition and safety during transit. This means that nutrients like phytophenols and antioxidants are protected to ensure your baby gets the maximum nutrition in every bite! You can tell the difference just by comparing colors!


Is your packaging reusable and recyclable?

YES. Our plastic containers are reusable and recyclable. Simply recycle them in the blue bin when you are done. We also encourage you to reuse them as containers for spices, sauces — even using them for your kid’s play dough! Our local supplier also carries a recycling initiative called “Earth friendly” initiative to help protect the environment. 


My baby doesn’t seem to like the food at first, what do I do?

Don’t give up just because your baby makes a funny face! You will notice that your baby will squint, raise their upper lips or wrinkle their noses - this is normal as they are learning! Consider your baby to be training to become a veggie lover! We have an inborn dislike for bitter foods. It is very common for babies to try one food 8 to 10 times until they accept it. Just be patient and keep trying and you will see that your baby will start becoming more familiar with the different tastes.


What if my child has allergies?

All our meals are FREE of the Big-8 allergens and do not use peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, dairy, eggs, fish, meat, wheat and soy in our recipes.

We cannot guarantee that our commercial food kitchen is completely free of potential allergens or cross contamination. We declare all our ingredients on the packing list. If your child has a known allergy, please obtain approval from a paediatrician prior to trying born bright baby meals. If you suspect that your child has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, contact your healthcare provider.


How many calories are in a Born Bright baby meal?

The calories range from 80 - 150 calories per 150 mL (container).


How much sugar is in your meals? Do you use any additives to keep your meals fresh?

We do not use any added sugar (or salt). The meals contain naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables. The content range from 5-7g of natural sugar compared to commercial pouches that start at 12-16g of sugar. No preservatives. No additives. All pure love in each of the baby meals.


Who makes my Born Bright meals?

Our founder and In-House Dietitian Carla created the recipes which is produced in a commercial food kitchen. We had experts in the field of food safety and taste development help us fine tune our processes to create delicious homemade meals for your baby to enjoy at home.


How much should I feed my baby?

In the beginning, babies need to get used to the new taste and texture. This is why they will most likely stop after a few spoons. Over time, your baby will try more and more. Look for signs that your baby is satisfied and you will know when to stop. Your little one will:

  • not open the mouth any more or turn the head away.

  • spit out the food.

  • slow down the pace of feeding, start playing with food or get easily distracted.

  • throw the food on the floor or push it away.


Can I feed only half of my Born Bright meals and finish the rest later?

YES. You can partially defrost and transfer a small amount in their plate, and freeze the rest of the container. The best way to keep some of the food for later is to take out a portion from the container to consume right away, and leave the rest in the fridge. Once opened, you should finish the container within 24 hours.


How do I start introducing different foods?

Once your baby is ready, start with single ingredients, such as dark-green vegetables. You can either puree the food or give it as finger food, as long as it is smooth and easy to grasp. It is sometimes best to start with veggies so that your baby can get used to some slight bitter flavor that is associated with vegetables, before trying the sweetness of fruits.

Give a small portion of the food to your baby. Your baby might be an adventurer and immediately want more or might be a bit surprised by the new taste and texture and stop after a bite or two.

It is best to continue with single ingredients over the next few weeks. You can alternate them every day or give one ingredient for three days in a row and then swap. It really depends on your own and your baby’s preferences.


What if my baby does not like a certain meal?

It can be difficult to get your baby to try something new. Sometimes, it can take 10 to 20x of exposing your child to a new food item before they eat it. A positive strategy to apply is to introduce a new food into your little one's diet by including it next to 2-3 food items that you know they love and will eat. You can start with tiny amounts of this new food on their plate and see how they explore it. 

Even if your little one doesn't eat a new food, it's important for them to see, smell, and touch it -- or to see their parents eat it. Remember: Exposure doesn't equal eating. It can take a while before your child is willing to put new food into their mouth. However, engaging your little one's other senses will make them more comfortable and familiar with the new food. 



Where do you deliver?

We now deliver all across British Columbia, Canada for a smaller cost for local deliveries ranging from $4-$10 and FREE for orders over $175.*

Pick-ups at our test kitchen are FREE: 1245 Glen Drive Vancouver, BC V5V 4X7 at a given notice.  

*Due to increase in shipment pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we unfortunately have to reflect some of these changes in our shipment.

Other Canadian cities: Don’t fret! We are currently setting up pick-up zones all over BC. Send us an e-mail at hello@bornbrightfoods.com to make it happen!


What is your minimum for delivery?

We require a minimum order of 12 baby meals to deliver or at least $66 total purchase to deliver.


How will my meals arrive?

Your meals will arrive FROZEN. ☃️ 

No worries if you aren't home to receive your box right when it arrives. We've insulated it with liners and packed with frozen ice packs to ensure that your meals stay cold in transit. After opening your Born Bright box, please store your meals in the freezer until you are ready to heat it.


What if I need to specify my delivery preferences?

Please fill in the delivery specifications at the check out section of your order. We’ll contact you if we need to clarify certain information.

We start with nutrient-rich and paediatrician-approved recipes, full of fresh organic fruit and veggies.

All of our recipes are paediatrician-approved. In fact, our recipes have all been personally developed by our in-house paediatric dietitian. Every meal has been created with your baby’s nutrition in mind, plus we’ve made sure they’re really yummy too. Our gentle cooking method preserves more vitamins and minerals than baby food produced with extreme heat. Important vitamins such as Vitamin C are actually very heat sensitive and are destroyed when treated with extreme heat.

Our meals are also naturally low in fruit sugar. Research suggests that early exposure to foods which are high in sugar increase the risk of childhood obesity and decrease preference for vegetables. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our fruit sugar levels to a minimum.

Taste, colour and texture 

We’re passionate about the quality of our farm fresh ingredients. Gentle cooking and freezing it fresh allows us to lock in the natural taste, colour and texture of the fruits and veggies that we use. We promise you’ll see no difference to your homemade baby food! For us, this is really important as we know from research that introducing your baby to the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables from the beginning will help them to set up healthy habits for a lifetime. Heat-processed baby food tastes very bland, nothing like the actual ingredients listed on the packaging. 


Here at Born Bright Foods, we believe that babies should enjoy fresh, nutritious and delicious foods, from their very first spoonful! Order fresh today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alisha W
Love it

My babies eating better than me!
She liked it all and I love all the ingredients.

Shelly Najafy

My son really liked the Bolognese but generally he liked the winter recipes better than the summer ones. His favorite strawberry chia pudding is no longer available and the new raspberry is not the same specially with quinoa in it.
Thank you!

Julia and Sofia
Good quality and very tasteful

My daughter loves the food. The food is rich in flavour and has a variety to choose from. The customer service needs improvement. Maybe it is lacking personal to answer emails ?! Also I would suggest more options for toddlers, as the majority of food are purees. It would be nice to have the option to choose the texture of the blend and also have the option of bigger container.

Jenna Andrews

My baby liked every single variety I got. I’m very busy and I started off making my own food but soon realized how much work it was. I struggled to find foods that didn’t have preservatives in them as I wanted the healthiest option for babe. I am so happy I found born bright foods. 1 container does me for 3 meals as I compliment them with finger foods as well! Thank you for providing a healthy option to us busy moms!!

Great food, but expensive:(

I’ve started purchasing the baby food for my complex needs daughter.
I find the food very nutritious, however I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep going due to the cost.

Hi Mama,

It's a tough one forsure! We are working hard on managing costs to make it affordable while also maintaining free or low delivery fee. We also would like to continue to stand by our values by preparing and delivering the most nutrient-dense baby food with only fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients. Please send us an email and we can work something out!